Technology used by society is constantly changing and forever advancing. Therefore, the U.S. economy requires 21st century cutting edge skills in order to employ technological savvy job applicants. We started the work of bridging the digital divide by equipping our communities with 21 century career readiness skills. While the economy continues to recover, there are high quality technology jobs awaiting a qualified pool of applicants. The success of a successful technology talent pool depends on prior education and other development resources. EU2S remains creative in developing strategies to avoid technology talent shortages for low income women in our communities.


EU2S provides services acting as a hiring solution for businesses. Let EU2S equip you with skills that are instrumental in the development of innovative products and progressively upgrading current products. Technolgy jobs are significant to YOU the applicant, employers, and all who have a vested interest in shaping the direction of the U.S. economy. Technology jobs are competitive and a lack of talent could under develop economic success. Research also explains that technology talent is the foundation of the global economy.